These are the alloys we most frequently work with and their designation on the market according to their characteristics.


  • Tin bronze: Rg5, Rg7, Rg10, 90/10, 88/12, 86/14
  • Lead bronze:  80/1010, 78/15/7
  • Aluminum bronze: F-50, F60, C415
  • Magnesium bronze: F30, F45
  • Silicon bronze: 1029/30, CuSiMn, CuSi15Zn4
  • Cobalt bronze: AF100, AF350
  • Electrolytic copper: CuEl
  • Chrome copper: A/2/1, CuCr
  • Beryllium copper: CuCoBe, A/3/1
  • Brass: 60/40, 65/35
  • Special alloys: Incramet/800, minox


  • Silicon aluminum: Al Si, L2520, L2560, L2651, L2653
  • Copper aluminum: L2610, L2620
  • Magnesium aluminum: Al-Mg. anticorrosive, AG3, AG5 and AG7


  • Quality certification, chemical analysis (upon client request).
  • Certification of hardness for treated pieces (upon client request).
  • Metallurgic tests: HB hardness, Resistance R, Elongation E% and Resiliency
  • Other tests upon client request.